Are you a Distracted Driver?

Results from the brand new Distracted Driving Study, area of the seventh Annual GMAC Insurance National Motorists Test, demonstrate that driver attention has been taken from the road and it is rather focusing on numerous distracted driving habits. The information indicates that youthful adult motorists, particularly, would be the probably to possess distracted driving habits, while teens and individuals over 60 are really having to pay more focus on the street.

2011 GMAC Insurance Study Shows Youngest and Earliest Motorists Least Distracted

Unpredicted results from the Distracted Driving Study on GMAC Insurance implies that minimal experienced and youngest motorists would be the least prone to have distracted driving habits. Aside from choosing tunes on a music player, teen motorists are much less likely than motorists age range 18 to 34 to interact in most other non-driving related activities. Not remarkably, motorists over six decades old are much less likely than youthful adult motorists to take part in any distracted driving habits.

• Fifty-seven percent of youthful adult motorists say they eat when they drive, instead of only 39 percent of teenybopper motorists and 38 percent of motorists over six decades old.

• About 30 % of youthful adult motorists admit to modifying their Gps navigation, while only four percent of teens in support of 13 percent of motorists over six decades old admit to doing exactly the same.

• Only 28 percent of youthful adult motorists say they’ve completely removed utilizing their wise phones to text, email, making calls. That’s in opposition to 75 % of teenybopper motorists and 72 percent of motorists over six decades old who say they’ve stopped utilizing their mobile products completely while driving.

The GMAC Insurance National Motorists Test enables agents to train their customers about the significance of practicing safe driving and staying away from these distracted driving habits.

Encourage your clients safe motorists by asking these phones them go ahead and take test!

Visit and then click the nation’s Motorists Test button to accept make sure observe how you size-up if this involves understanding the rules from the road. If you are on Facebook, browse the National Motorists Test Facebook Application and see how this could effect your car insurance in Tequesta and Jupiter, FL.

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