Top Five RV-Driving Safety Tips

  1. Have a Copilot. You may think the mirrors will be enough to help guide you, but it can never hurt to enlist an extra pair of eyes even when you’re backing up, going down narrow roads or turning sharp corners.
  2. “Easy Does It” on the Brakes. The airbrakes in an RV feel very different compared to hydraulic brakes in cars. There’s a slight delay when applying airbrakes. Prevent sudden stops by not jamming hard on the RV brakes to overcompensate for this delay.
  3. Follow the “Rule of 20 Percent.” RVs take longer to come to a full stop and they accelerate slower. Always add 20 percent whether you’re extending your following distance or merging into traffic.
  4. Know Your Propane Tank System. Don’t travel with the oven, stove or burners lit. Install a propane gas detector. And, never refuel the engine when a propane appliance is running.
  5. Know Your Height. It sounds straightforward, but many drivers often forget about the height of their RV. Some of the most common RV accidents occur when RVers run into overpasses. To remind yourself of your RV’s height and weight, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it near the dash and visible.

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