Need general, commercial property, or limited liability insurance in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, FL? Many business owners don’t realize just how important it is to be insured. That’s why getting a quote for general, commercial property, and limited liability insurance is an important decision for any business owner. Whether your business is in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, our insurance products can easily help you protect your business. Without insurance, owning a business can be more risky than just failing to make a profit. It could destroy you financially far beyond anything you could possibly buildings

Protect your business assets by removing as much risk as possible with commercial property insurance for Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens business owners.

The possibility of legal action against any small business is always threatening. But there are other risks besides liability. Your business could be shut down because of a loss of business machinery, and/or office equipment or financial records due to a fire, power outage, flooding, weather or any number of other causes. Just a temporary shutdown could force you to permanently close your doors if you aren’t adequately covered.

That’s where general, commercial property, and limited liability insurance policies come into play. Your Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens business can be protected with these types of policies. Every type of small business needs business insurance. Many, such as dry cleaners, need specialized policies. Others can use a basic Florida business owners policy.

What kinds of events does Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens
Commercial Property Insurance cover?

Basic commercial property insurance policies generally cover losses caused by wind, hail, fire or lightning and the cost of removing property to protect it from further damage (e.g., removing inventory or equipment from a damaged building so it won’t be further damaged or stolen). “Extended perils,” including hail, explosion, riot and civil commotion, and damage caused by aircraft, automobiles or vandalism, are usually covered in a standard policy. Other important perils, often not covered and considered “optional” in almost all Florida Business standard policies, include earthquake and flood damage, building collapse, and glass breakage.

Florida commercial property insurance can be written as either NAMED PERIL policies or ALL RISK policies. A Florida named peril policy provides coverage for those perils specifically stated in the Florida commercial property insurance policy. A Florida Property all risk policy covers loss by any perils not specifically excluded in the Florida commercial property insurance. The term “all risk” does not mean that all perils will be covered and, to avoid confusion, is often interchanged with the term “special form” or “special causes of loss” coverage in Florida Business Insurance.

What types of Florida Commercial Property do I need to insure?

Your business may not possess all the following types of property, but you can use this list to make sure that you have considered all the property categories and any Florida insurance coverage that may be warranted:

  • Buildings and other structures (owned or leased)
  • Furniture, equipment and supplies
  • Inventory
  • Money and securities
  • Records of accounts receivable
  • Improvements and betterments you made to the premises
  • Machinery
  • Boilers
  • Data processing equipment and media (including computers)
  • Valuable papers, books and documents
  • Mobile property such as automobiles, trucks and construction equipment
  • Satellite dishes
  • Signs, fences, and other outdoor property not attached to a building
  • Intangible property (good will, trademarks, etc.)
  • Leased equipment

To determine the amount of Florida commercial property insurance necessary for each of the above items. We can help you review the types of property you own and their uses. Other coverage can be added by an endorsement, or rider. And some, like money and securities, may not be covered by a standard commercial property policy and may require a second, separate policy.

Why Get General Insurance in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

Want a quote for a general insurance policy? Live in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens? We can help you! In today’s world, life can change in a blink of the eye.  You can use your general insurance policy to protect you and your family.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you prefer you can visit our office and speak to an agent in person.

When Limited Liability Insurance Is Useful?

Do you have a business in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens? Here’s a few types of liability coverage you may need:

  • premises liability
  • professional liability
  • employer’s liability
  • fire liability
  • plus more!